The Courageous Living Series

A Bible study series designed to inform, encourage, and build faith.

With the Courageous Living Bible Study Series, not only is there an easy to read outlined text with each lesson, but the Digging Deeper section allows for even more discussion.  These questions are provided to encourage you to probe further into some  of the subjects raised in each study. Each book contains 12 lessons and sixty pages.  As always, the Scriptures must be our final guide.

The series is perfect for adult Bible class curriculum, college & high school curriculum, ladies’ studies, men’s groups, individual studies, and marriage/parenting classes (Marriage Matters and Co-Parenting with God).

Each book is designed in the same reader-friendly format.*

View a sample chapter from one of the books in the series below.

*Each book is currently being redesigned on the inside. The pictures above are from the new layout.

About the Author, Wilson Adams

Wilson Adams has a passion for writing—for making the complex turn into the simple. He believes that teaching information is inadequate unless it is coupled with application. That’s why each book in the Courageous Living series provides both. Whether textual or topical, your Bible class or personal study will be enriched by this material.

In addition to this series, Wilson is also author of “Around the House,” “Around the House-Again,” “Turning Point,” and co-author of “A Life Lost and Found—A Journey of Hope and Healing.”

He and his wife, Julie, live in Murfreesboro, Tennessee where he serves as a preacher of the gospel and a church elder with the Veterans Parkway church of Christ. They have four children, and three grandchildren.

Contact him through this website or through Facebook—where he writes a daily post about pursuing life with passion.

“You don’t have to make the Bible relevant, It already is.
And always will be.” -Wilson Adams