Courageous Living Mental Health and Wellness Center

Sometimes it helps to talk; to unload hurts with those who listen with empathy while sharing the same biblical/moral frame of reference. It also helps to receive constructive suggestions that move toward solutions and a more positive journey. Life is hard and some days it gets harder. You do not journey alone.


Services Offered

Pre-marital Sessions for Engaged Couples
*Marriage Support
Parenting Challenges (biological, step-parenting, adoptive)
Divorce Recovery
Grief Recovery
Mental Health Wellness/Addiction

About the Counselors


Wilson Adams (certified by Leaving The Pit Behind)

Wilson Adams has a passion for life. For over 40 years he has devoted himself to helping others. Having written over 30 books and owning his own book company, he has touched the hearts of many who are searching for greater understanding of not only scripture, but practical ways to navigate through life. He travels across the country to present his Grief Series dealing with trauma from brokenness.  Wilson is a certified Mental Health and Addictions Coach and is currently pursuing his degree in addictions counseling. He is a father to seven children and five grandchildren. He is married to Julie Adams.




Julie Adams (certified by Leaving The Pit Behind)

Julie Adams has seen life through many lenses. As a Registered Nurse for over 35 years, she has experienced the joys of the journey. Her love for people and especially those who find themselves alone, has given her the willingness to find purpose for life. Having written the book “Teach Me to Love” she learned how love is greater than we can imagine.  Julie is a certified Mental Health and Addictions coach and a certified Life Coach. She has a Bachelor degree in Health Care Administration. She wears various parenting hats and has learned that children just want to belong. She is married to Wilson Adams.





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